Business Process Optimisation Solutions

Muzulu partners with best of breed Business Process Optimisation providers to make IFS solutions work smarter and harder.

We deploy complementary solutions that build more resilience, accuracy, efficiency and risk mitigation into your IFS solution, strengthening your business continuity and decision-making capabilities. Read about our carefully selected partners below.


Xelix uses Machine Learning and other advanced algorithms to reduce financial error, fraud and leakage risks in businesses. High risk transactions are immediately intercepted and flagged, including duplicate invoices, suspicious activity, master data errors and more, preventing errors before they become costly, time-consuming problems.


Muzulu chooses Xelix due to its unrivalled accuracy in surfacing supplier and transactional risks, and its rapid return on investment – typically within just 4 months of implementation. You can read more about how Xelix’s AI works and how it interacts with your ERP system here.


Pagero digitises and automates financial processes to enhance efficiency, visibility and accuracy across supply chains. It utilises an open network for business transactions, within which buyers and sellers can reliably automate the exchange of transactions and business documents, with just a single connection to Pagero. This enables customers to reduce compliance risk and have a complete, real-time view of financial position at any one time.

Muzulu chooses Pagero due to its pre-set IFS integration model, which enables fast implementation and seamless use. Customers can work within their IFS environment as usual from where they can communicate with all business partners, regardless of the systems these third parties are using.


AccessPay automates corporate payments directly from IFS across any payment type, including Bacs, SEPA, SWIFT and Faster Payments, saving time and increasing accuracy. It is the world’s leading platform connecting businesses to banks and payment schemes and can be built into your IFS ERP with a Muzulu-designed integration.

Muzulu chooses AccessPay due to its valuable risk mitigation, reduced costs and business insight capabilities. It can consolidate data across banks, countries, currencies and departments to provide a real-time control over risk, and keep control of costs, all visible within your IFS environment.


BarTender by Seagull Scientific uses innovative labelling technology to help businesses gain greater control over inventory. For healthcare and pharmaceutical, BarTender is used to meet regulatory requirements and tightly track inventory. For manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, BarTender is a critical tool for ensuring that the right goods arrive at the right location, at the right time.

Muzulu chooses BarTender for its business-wide impact, honed over 30 years of barcoding and labelling experience. Centralised management, powerful integrations and dynamic flexibility add exceptional value as a complementary IFS product. There is also a standard IFS integration.

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