Our Process

When you first speak with us, we hope it’s the beginning of a long-lasting partnership defined by growth.

For us, IFS isn’t just a tool for business functions. We think of it as a digital transformation and growth enabler. Everything we do before we launch your solution and during its lifespan is underpinned by resiliency, scalability, and sustainability.

This is made possible thanks to our tried-and-tested Muzulu Process. Read about how it’s done below or download our guide for more information.

1. Discovery

We want to ensure that your Muzulu IFS implementation, upgrade or support evolves and grows with you, while enabling your digital transformation roadmap. So, our early conversations centre as much on the big picture as they do the finer details. We want to hear about your business and digital transformation goals, your technology and data estate, security risks, compliance requirements, opportunities for competitive advantage and any other industry pressures or opportunities at play.

2. Design

We kick-start your project by prototyping a recommended solution and establishing a final product that meets your functionality and digital transformation goals. Whether a single-site or international, Muzulu’s best practice leverages standard solutions and thinks smart about selective integrations and custom functionality. This approach to design allows us to deliver IFS ERP solutions faster and more cost effectively.

3. Implementation

IFS Cloud is a complete ERP solution that allows you to pull together all business functions and embrace change from day 1. We enable a rapid launch delivering high staff engagement, thanks to our robust Implementation preparation. This involves rehearsing our cut-over and go-live procedures and outcomes, including an operational readiness test across your chosen integrations.

4. Onboarding

Muzulu helps our customers make the most out of IFS Cloud with tailored post-launch support and best of breed training software. This supports a clean, fast adoption period and continual learning as business best practice, IFS functionality and risks and opportunities develop. We know that transitioning to a new way of working is easier for some users than others. So, we take a holistic and hands-on approach to encourage change adoption.

5. Support

To really enhance the value of IFS and give continued peace of mind that your solution will remain highly available, performing and future-fit, Muzulu offers ongoing support. Choose from Solution Architecture, Functional Support, Technical Support and Systems Engineering. Through taking care of day-to-day maintenance and business improvement tasks, Muzulu helps you win back time to focus on strategic work and use your IT budget more effectively.