Voucher Genie

Are you struggling to complete your month-end on time?

Automate the upload of IFS Financial Vouchers from Excel into IFS. So, you can work faster, focus on what matters and be uber-effective.

The Muzulu Voucher Genie can be installed in minutes and can be purchased as a subscription with monthly or yearly options available.

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  • Take Full Control

    Process accrual and other adjustment entries with effortless precision and unlock your true effectiveness.

    Voucher Genie’s direct connection between accrual preparation and voucher posting streamlines error handling and manual steps, helping you to improve data accuracy and finance outcomes.

  • Slick and Speedy

    Automatically drive your IFS voucher generation from your analysis in Excel with speed and win back time for strategic tasks.

    Voucher Genie consolidates your business process so you can undertake rapid analysis and preparation in Excel alone, with streamlined voucher uploads from Excel into IFS.

  • Technical Support

    Simplify the visibility of accrual values and enjoy peace of mind that voucher data is correct and auditors are satisfied.

    Voucher Genie proactively highlights user data requirements, enabling efficient, accurate voucher preparation that increases clarity and allows for earlier, faster voucher validation.

Features and Functionality

  • Consolidates preparation steps
    Never use more than one application to analyse and prepare accrual and adjustment entries ahead of upload to IFS. Everything happens in Microsoft Excel.
  • Generates vouchers seamlessly
    Seamlessly upload IFS Financial Voucher from Excel to IFS, with no need to save CSV files or undertake any manual importing. A better, simplified process.
  • Highlights data requirements
    Users are shown the data they need at the exact point they need it. Vouchers are prepared with unrivalled efficiency, whether data comes from inside or outside of IFS.
  • Enhances critical accuracy
    Errors are checked before uploading, eliminating the frustration of corrective action and the stress of incorrect finance postings.

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