Formed to create a best of breed ERP consultancy

Providing industry-leading IFS Consultancy interwoven with high-quality additional products, ensuring high satisfaction rates for both our customers and IFS

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The Drive of Our Ambition

  • Helping customers extract the maximum value from their system investment.
  • Using our extensive experience of IFS implementations.
  • This experience has enabled us to identify numerous additional enhancements to our solutions.
  • Our customers will benefit from these enhanced solutions when they select Muzulu.

Core Business Model

Implementation Services

  • Industry Leading Implementation Teams
  • Independent Solution Review and Audit

Ongoing Solution Services

  • IFS Upgrade Support and Optimisation.
  • Periodic Solution Reviews.
  • Periodic Solution Improvement.
  • Ongoing Solution Improvement.

Supporting Solutions

  • Intra ERP Solutions.
  • Inter ERP Solutions.
  • ERP Workflow Optimisation.
  • ERP Connected Solutions.

Why Choose Muzulu?

Experienced Quality-Focused IFS consultancy (consultants with experience of 10yrs+ each), bringing the right tools to the job:

  • Depth of knowledge.
  • Faster Implementations.
  • Enhanced toolset.
  • Customer focused.
  • Training led.
  • Minimizing Business footprint.
  • Change Management led.

Muzulu is quality driven and solution focused, with 60+ years of IFS experience.