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Five Financial Benefits of a Sustainable Future for your Business

Sustainability is no longer merely optional for businesses – it’s the key to long-term success. Our eBook lists the major financial benefits of sustainability, and explains how IFS Cloud solutions delivered by Muzulu can help your business take advantage.

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Full Asset Lifestyle

The Future of Construction: Supporting the full asset lifecycle

Our eBook reveals how IFS Cloud, by supporting the full asset lifecycle, can help contractors boost margins and brace for future challenges.

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The Three Biggest Challenges Facing Construction

With the construction and engineering industries in a period of major change, two IFS experts make three key predictions for the near future.

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Graphic - the Power of Effective Resource Planning Systems in the Construction Industry

The Power of Effective Resource Planning Systems in the Construction Industry

ERP systems offer enhanced project visibility, data-driven decision-making and reduce the risk of delays, errors and equipment failure.

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Graphic - Saving time and money with equipment tracking

Saving Time and Money with Equipment Tracking and Efficient Asset Management

Track and manage assets at every stage – including procurement, deployment, maintenance and decommissioning with IFS ERP and Muzulu.

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Graphic - Controlling costs and managing construction projects

Essential Tips for Controlling Costs and Overcoming Bottlenecks in Construction Projects

Controlling costs and averting bottlenecks is fundamental in construction. As construction projects generally run on very tight margins, ballooning costs can cause serious problems – sometimes even to the point of leaving firms financially unviable – while bottlenecks can halt projects altogether.

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How to Prepare for a Time & Attendance Implementation

When you start to consider implementing IFS Time & Attendance (T&A) there are several things you need to do before your consultant arrives on-site if you are going to make the best use of their time and your budget.

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How much of an ERP Implementation can I outsource?

When a client starts to think about implementing an ERP system one of the most challenging tasks they have is to resource the project team, especially when users are dealing with additional workloads created by the inefficiencies of their existing system.

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Making Tax Digital & IFS Applications: How to Cost-Effectively Comply with HMRC Requirements for VAT

The MTD initiative aims to get VAT registered businesses to use accounting software systems to maintain their VAT records, and move away from paper-based systems. Compliance was required from April 2021, but micro-businesses have until April 2022 to be ready.

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Selecting an IFS Solution Support Partner

Selecting an ERP support partner can be critical to maximising the ongoing productivity and return on investment in your Business Solution. Making sure you select the right partner can be a tricky process, here are the key things to look for in a supplier and their offering.

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