IFS Implementation Consultancy

Why Muzulu for your IFS implementation consultancy?

Muzulu are experts in creating high performing, low-risk IFS solutions that enable ambitious, sustainable business growth.

As an IFS Authorised Service Partner and IFS Silver Channel Partner, averaging over a decade of IFS experience across our consulting team, companies trust Muzulu with their new IFS solution implementations. And they stick with us, too.

Muzulu’s implementation approach leverages the gold-standard IFS methodology. When paired with our unrivalled knowledge and credentials, we can deliver a fit-for-purpose solution faster and more cost-effectively through the use of our accelerators such as the Muzulu Security Accelerator.

What happens during a Muzulu IFS implementation? Download our 5-step implementation process guide here.

  • Experienced system engineers and technical architects provide implementation and support services for both IFS and the underlying infrastructure as well as leading approaches to deliver system and integration performance.
  • Profound knowledge of how specialist processes just like yours are improved and systemised. This is the basis of our fast, powerful delivery of business improvements.
  • Extensive experience with the IFS Scope Tool. This enables a best-in-class transition and clear visualisation of the end solution to help you get to value quicker.
  • Structured assessments and project controls, for effective risk mitigation, on-budget delivery and long-term business acceptance of the IFS solution.
  • Partnership-led approach to facilitate long-term business acceptance of the IFS solution, ensuring maximum value from investment.
  • Director involvement as part of the pre-sales process, to make certain of knowledge continuity and that client expectations are championed and met.
  • Post-launch support to ensure success and ongoing value, with direct support and 24/7 training tools access.