IFS and Muzulu for Manufacturers

Muzulu’s team has a long history of helping manufacturers achieve business improvement through the successful deployment of IFS ERP solutions.

Our longstanding experience and sharp understanding of both IFS and digital transformation enablement means we are best placed to build a solution totally in sync with manufacturers’ challenges and opportunities.

IFS Cloud is an unmatched tool for helping manufacturers progress technological roadmaps and transition to Industry 4.0. Whether it’s connecting operational technology, IT and hardware, simplifying processes to achieve lean efficiency, enhancing compliance visibility, reinforcing supply chains against disruption or fine-tuning mission-critical operations, IFS meets the demand.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemicals
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Automotive

IFS manufacturing solutions can support any mode of production. Whether your business engineers-to-order (ETO), configures-to-order (CTO), makes-to-order (MTO), makes-to-stock (MTS), makes-to-forecast (MTF) or employs mixed mode, custom or short product lifecycle manufacturing, IFS Cloud delivers. It also performs key business functions, such as Customer Relationship Management and Service Management and manages corporate service functions like Financials and HR. IFS can also be readily integrated with your wider technology infrastructure.

IFS Cloud is ideal for both Process and Discrete Manufacturing. Download our Specialism Overview sheets for Process Manufacturing here, and Discrete Manufacturing here.