IFS Upgrade Consultancy

Upgrade Consultancy

The technological landscape and your customers’ expectations are constantly evolving. What was a nice-to-have one day, suddenly becomes a must-have for business sustainability, operational resilience, growth enablement and efficiency. Your ERP, sitting at the heart of your business activities, must be capable of meeting these demands and growing around you.

Upgrading your IFS version to the latest scalable and flexible IFS Cloud allows you to take advantage of the enhanced functionalities being delivered by IFS. These improvements directly impact your business processes, streamlining and optimising how your business delivers to your customers.

Muzulu’s team of IFS professionals have significant experience in preparing, planning and delivering software upgrades quickly, to exacting specification and with minimal disruption. By choosing us for your IFS upgrade, you benefit from our years-honed project management, business solution architecture and technical architecture skills, in addition to post-launch ongoing support.

Our partnership with IFS and exceptional depth of solution and functionality knowledge coupled with how that translates to real-world best practice means that we know how to deliver the most optimised upgrade service – whether you need a technical upgrade, process review or full reimplementation.

  • Upgrade Support and Optimisation
  • Periodic Solution Reviews
  • Periodic Solution Improvement
  • Ongoing Solution Improvement