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Saving Time and Money with Equipment Tracking and Efficient Asset Management

Running construction projects is always a complicated undertaking. As they frequently involve work across multiple sites, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s going on where, and exactly how resources – manpower, supplies, machinery and tools – are being deployed.

Construction equipment costs a lot of money, which is why it’s so important for firms to ensure they’re making the best use of it. Machinery and tools are subjected to intensive usage on construction sites, and need to be properly maintained if they are to be kept running efficiently.

This is why an IFS Cloud ERP solution from Muzulu comes equipped with asset management tools to support the full asset lifecycle, allowing teams to track equipment and manage assets at every stage – including procurement, deployment, maintenance and decommissioning.

Read on to find out how your construction business can save both time and money through equipment tracking and efficient asset management.


Improve availability and reliability

In construction, delays can be costly. Unplanned downtime, a common cause of such delays, can slow construction projects and cause costs to balloon. As margins on such projects are generally narrow, this may risk constructors’ financial viability.

IFS Cloud Solutions from Muzulu helps constructors maximise asset availability by managing the performance and condition of tools, vehicles and machinery, planning both corrective and preventive maintenance. This reduces the chances of unscheduled downtime and hence helps to avoid costly delays.

Its AI-powered asset performance management tool allows you to use KPIs aligned with industry standards to enhance maintenance. Your managers can also draw up maintenance plans based on priority and criticality, factoring in considerations including resources, materials and duration.


Make data-driven asset management decisions

Efficient asset management gives constructors the power to make better-informed decisions about how to manage machinery, vehicles and tools. These solutions can help you decide whether you should repair or replace a particular piece of equipment as it nears the end of its lifecycle.

Asset lifecycle management provides you with detailed data on how particular assets are deployed on construction projects. This means you can use usage and maintenance data from individual assets to determine whether and when any of them need to be replaced.

IFS Cloud Solutions by Muzulu provides you with deeper insights than ever before, using real-time data to inform you about how individual assets are performing on-site, their schedules and how surrounding conditions are affecting their performance.

Learn more about the other ways these insights can benefit your operations and help you make more informed decisions here.


Keep track of assets wherever they are

As we’ve noted, construction projects frequently involve working across several different sites, greatly adding to the complexity involved. This means that it can be very challenging to keep track of how and where assets are being deployed.

There is, of course, always the (potentially very costly) risk that equipment may be damaged or stolen while on-site – but unless you have an equipment tracking system, this may happen without you even knowing anything about it until much later.

IFS asset and equipment tracking software by Muzulu monitors the location and movement of equipment so that you know exactly where assets are at any given time. Not only does this improve asset security, it also helps you to deploy tools and machinery when and where it’s most needed depending on the needs of a certain project.


Maximise equipment lifespan

Poorly maintained equipment is likely to break down and fail sooner than it otherwise would – particularly in construction, where it is put to such strenuous use. Investing in new equipment is a major expense, so it’s vitally important to ensure that you get the most out of your assets.

With IFS asset management software from Muzulu, you can schedule preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of equipment breakdown. Muzulu’s IFS Cloud Solution provides you with a clear overview of how individual assets are performing, so you can make data-driven decisions about when maintenance is needed.

By moving towards preventive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance, you can ensure that equipment continues to work efficiently for longer. This helps you get more out of your investment in tools and machinery, and ensures that your projects continue to progress.


Boost productivity – and profitability

By improving asset reliability, Muzulu’s IFS Cloud solutions can also enhance productivity, helping you complete projects according to the original plan and as close to the original cost estimate as possible.

IFS Cloud Solutions from Muzulu enables you to reduce the risk of equipment failures and unplanned downtime by allowing you to visualise all stages of an asset’s lifecycle. This means that in the event an asset is in need of repair, you can arrange the sourcing of component parts for it whenever and wherever they’re needed.

This, in turn, makes it easier to meet project deadlines and deliver on customer expectations. Crucially, this helps to maintain smooth working relationships with clients and also to enhance margins and profitability. As margins in construction are generally tight, this could be highly important for the overall financial sustainability of your business.

At Muzulu, we can help your construction business achieve real and tangible improvements to productivity and profitability through digital transformation.

An IFS ERP system and Muzulu can deliver more than just equipment tracking for your construction business. Together, we provide a range of benefits and enhancements to your operations. Learn more about our Construction ERP offering here.

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