Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

IFS and Muzulu for Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure

Muzulu works closely with engineering, construction and infrastructure organisations to deliver an IFS solution for the complete and varied project and asset lifecycle.

With vast experience at every stage of these lifecycles, Muzulu knows exactly how IFS can be deployed to keep you ahead, fuel innovation and enhance agility, all while being specified to your unique functions and ways of working.

Download our Specialism Overview for Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure here.

  • General Contractors
  • Speciality & Engineering Contractors
  • Residential & Property Developers
  • Modular & Prefabricated Manufacturers
  • Facilities Management Providers

IFS Cloud is a powerful solution that your business grows into, not out of. It allows engineering, construction and infrastructure companies to home in on and perfect mission-critical functions and key areas for competitive advantage. For your sector, Muzulu takes a project-centric approach, with tailored project management, finance, contract management and procurement tools sat at the heart. This enables a faster time to value at a better price.

IFS’ supporting processes include HR, Expense Management, Extended Finance (Consolidation and Business Planning), Supply Chain & Inventory, Plant Hire and Offsite Manufacturing, and you can also choose from Muzulu’s best of breed integrations. All deployed within a single product for seamless data flow and user experience.