IFS Training Solutions


Muzulu partners with ClickLearn to deliver IFS Training that helps our customers get the maximum user benefit from their IFS implementation or upgrade as fast as possible.

ClickLearn is software that rapidly produces accessible, multi-format learning materials that break down complicated ERP processes for users in any language. It enables you to quickly produce IFS Training materials for IFS Cloud Apps 7.5, 8, 9 and 10 onwards, plus all integrated applications, and publish to a 24/7 portal.

As the digital world evolves – from compliance to best practice and the capability of your software itself – having up-to-the-minute and easily digestible learning materials is essential. ClickLearn makes this process fast, easy and effective and can be expertly integrated by Muzulu as part of your complete IFS solution.

  • Converts old recordings into new IFS versions
  • Supports all IFS Applications versions since Apps 7.5 including IFS Cloud
  • Multi-format, multi-language training materials
  • Supports a wide range of other apps and websites
  • Automatically publish to a 24/7 learning portal
ClickLearn IFS Training