IFS Integration Solutions


Muzulu partners with Boomi to help our customers get the best possible value and business improvement return from their IFS implementation or upgrade integrations.

As an integration engine to your core IFS solution, Boomi helps customers to achieve highly optimised business operations that deliver maximum agility, efficiency and productivity, while minimising risk and waste. It does this by integrating any application or data across a hybrid IT estate with ease. Boomi connects all functions within a digital ecosystem, including on-premises infrastructure, unifying applications, processes and teams without needing to re-architect IT infrastructure or build complicated portals.

By eliminating integration challenges – such as cost and disruption – customers can get the benefits of digital transformation faster, and scale more resiliently. Whether this be enhancing data-sharing and synchronisation, automating process flow between applications, or applying supply chain-wide compliance measures, Muzulu integrates Boomi in a way that makes the day-to-day smoother and more sustainable. So, our customers can focus on strategic initiatives that drive competitive advantage.

  • Enables continuous improvement through rapidly harnessing emerging digital innovations
  • Increases trust and compliance with centralised data security across all parties
  • Boosts productivity by automating repeatable process and enabling strategic focus
  • Fine-tunes insights and intelligence for more agile, effective big picture decision making