Life Sciences

IFS and Muzulu for Life Sciences

Muzulu is trusted to deliver highly available, precisely designed IFS solutions to the exacting and rapidly evolving life sciences sector.

Our experience with complex, unique life sciences projects and using IFS to drive digital transformation means that we can help you navigate a path to increased automation that drives efficiency and enables growth.

IFS Cloud is an essential tool for helping life sciences organisations progress digital transformation and sharpen their competitive edge. Whether it’s reducing data silos to strengthen compliance and accuracy, increasing connectivity to enable real-time decision-making insights, enhancing agility for production scale or introducing more resiliency to mitigate downtime threats, IFS meets the demand.

Muzulu understands that digital transformation projects in life sciences require additional QA and traceability to adhere to industry standards including 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 requirements. Companies are often unable to realise expected outcomes on schedule and face significant re-validation efforts as a result. Harnessing the industry-specific capabilities of IFS Cloud with Muzulu’s implementation approach overcomes these challenges and allows a faster time to value and digitisation.

Download our Specialism Overview sheet for life sciences here.

  • User security and authorization
  • Audit trails and Logs (e-batch record)
  • Event management
  • Document management
  • Electronic signatures (21 CFR pt 11)
  • Availability codes
  • Serial and lot batch control and traceability
  • GTIN standards
  • Test equipment tracking and maintenance

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